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  • Make sure to pay attention beginning in the first class.  Ask the professor if they'll point out things that will be on the test.  If not, ask if they can give any tips/pointers when it gets closer to the test.


  • Get a good night's sleep before the test - don't pull an all-nighter.


  • Eat before the test, an empty stomach can be distracting, but avoid heavy foods that will make you tired.


  • Get to the test a little early; use the restroom before going into the exam room.


  • Listen to the directions thoroughly, and ask any questions before the test begins.


  • Read through the test first.  You'll know how to budget your time and will not be caught off guard by the length of the test.


  • Read each question thoroughly as some tend to fail the test because they didn’t read the question properly at first.


  • Manage your time. If you don't know an answer-skip it and go back.


  • When you're finished, look over your test before handing it in. It is usually a good idea to spend any extra time checking over your work.


  • When you get your test back, make sure you understand any mistakes that were made.

  • Study properly. You'll have less reason to be worried.


  • If you have a question, don’t panic. If possible, ask the instructor for clarification. 


  • Having a positive attitude goes a long way toward success.


  • If a practice test is available, take it! 

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